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Company history

Forsense Institute was established in 2002 by Hungarian social science, survey research, market research and IT development specialists who had been working together since the mid-1990s in ventures that were predecessors of this company. Therefore, this team was one among the firsts to create a digital call center in 1998 which is considered modern even in the present day. Later they started the elaboration of a data collection system that enables multi-channel or integrated data collection (data collection with different methods) and real-time, online and secure data transfer to a central server.

In parallel with the development, since the spring of 2005, personal data collection, organization of the data collectors’ work, address assignment and continuous monitoring were carried out on mobile devices, mainly on laptops. In the course of development the employees of Forsense build, fine-tune and test survey infrastructure and gather experience based on more than 500 surveys involving more than 500 000 participants. With our completed projects several banks, Hungarian and international enterprises, ministries, state institutions, local governments and media institutions experienced the functioning of the secure and reliable system that is yet flexible to client demands.

An important element of Forsense is innovation with the help of new technologies and the development of methods and instruments that make data collection surveys more effective, transparent and verifiable with regard to performance. Since 2011, our personal questioners have been working exclusively on tablets in the field and the main focus of development is the utilization of the possibilities provided by new mobile devices.


For 20 years, Forsense Institute offers market and opinion polling, social science research analysis, professional and counseling services.

We use a wide range of data collection and data analysis methods including on-line, over the phone or personal survey research, comprehensive data collection, database construction, statistical data analysis, in-hall and in-depth interviewing and focus group survey.

In the past few years development activities within the company have separated from market and opinion poll research. The main objective of our current and upcoming developments is to make our data collection system and the methodological knowledge behind it applicable to other segments of life.


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